TRUST Program

TRUST Objectives

The TRUST program has been designed to fast-track your ultrasound education abilities.

Designed as an immersive learning experience, the TRUST course provides a mixture of theory and practical skills that will take your skills and those that you teach to the next level.

When you leave us, you will be able to:

  1. Discuss curriculum development and design for a successful ultrasound teaching program
  2. Construct an ultrasound skills teaching session
  3. Describe an effective learner centred model for delivering feedback in clinical ultrasound teaching
  4. Discuss the theory that guides successful psychomotor skills teaching
  5. Identify key elements of effective presentation design and delivery

TRUST us to help you fast-track your ultrasound education capacity.

Please note: days start at 9:00am with the final day finishing 1:00pm

DAY ONE - Saturday 9 June: 9:00am - 4:30pm

Learning and teaching

Curriculum development Part I

  • Identifying individual and organisational training needs
  • Assessing the impact of training
  • Identifying the steps in curriculum development

Curriculum development Part II

  • Defining aims and objectives
  • How to write SMART learning objectives

Deconstructing the teaching of ultrasound

  • Moving on from 'see one, do one, teach one'
  • A structured approach to the teaching of ultrasound
  • Task analysis, cognisitive load and scaffolding learning

Informal dinner/drinks

  • Join us for an informal catch-up at the end of the day in one of Portland's many esteemed eateries



DAY TWO - Sunday 10 June: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Proven Teaching Methodologies

  • Lesson plan construction utilising all that you have learned

Teaching anatomy

  • Importance of anatomical review in teaching ultrasound
  • Innovative methods, tools and approaches to teaching anatomy
  • Curriculum integration

Group Teaching

  • Defining the challenges of teaching in a small group
  • Exploring thecritical elements of group dynamics and the impact this has on teaching
  • Tips, tricks and pearls for overcoming the challenges of group teaching

Feedback models

  • Models of feedback and establishing a constructive feedback culture
  • Development of an effective learner centred model for delivering effective feedback
  • Practical application of models with scenarios

Ultrasound image review

  • Framework and approach to the critical evaluation/assessment of ultrasound cases
  • Implementation of a structured technical assessment model
  • Critical review





DAY THREE - Monday 11 June: 9:00AM- 1:00PM

Jazz up your presentations

  • The key elements of a successful presentation
  • Improving your presentations - frameworks, tips and trick

Build a presentation

  • Designing and delivering a presentation
  • Presentation and feedback

Technology troubleshooting

  • Living with the vagaries of presentation software
  • Technical solutions, workarounds and troubleshooting - PC and MAC users

Building your resources

  • Identifying teaching resources that enhance clinical teaching
  • Utilising social media

Weekend in review

  • Q and A panel discussion
  • Implementing change - individual and workplace strategies to improve teaching practice