What is TRUST?

The TRain the UltraSound Trainer (TRUST) course is the first program in the world specifically designed for clinicians who teach ultrasound learners of all levels in healthcare settings - from undergraduate to facultylevel.

Focused specifically on broadening the skills of anyone who delivers ultrasound training - and even more broadly procedural medical education - the 2.5 day TRUST course hones transferable skills and knowledge to make ultrasound training more efficient, enjoyable and effective.

Delivered by highly experienced clinical and professional educators, the TRUST course is founded on solid educational theory and proven practical techniques.

Working with a stimulating peer group, this practical and immersive course will allow you to achieve the same excellence in your teaching as in your clinical work fast-tracking your pathway to becoming an effective POCUS educator.


Why was TRUST developed?

Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) is rapidly emerging as a critical component of medical training across the undergraduate, graduate and continuing medical education spectra.

As a result, many practitioners who use POCUS in their clinical care now find themselves in the position of teaching these skills to colleagues, residents and students. However, bridging the gap between scanning and teaching can be difficult, even more so when one is tasked with creating an entire curriculum or program.

The TRUST course has been specifically designed to bridge that gap, providing you with the practical skills and tools to:

  • Describe the principles of effective clinical teaching, learning and assessment
  • Prepare and deliver effective, efficient and appropriate clinical teaching in a variety of settings
  • Recognisethe academic basis of effective clinical teaching.

Who is TRUST aimed at?

While the TRUST course is focused on developing your skills in the context of ultrasound training, clinical teachers from all backgrounds are welcome to apply.

As a professional development opportunity, the TRUST course offers something for all levels, whether you are starting out in your career, looking to enhance skills mid-career, or aiming to increase teaching quality and quantity .

TRUST us to take you to the next level.